PoE Items Can Being Imbued With Special Modifications

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In Path of Exile, items can be found in various rarities, being imbued with special modifications that grant passive buffs to their wielder. These modifiers can also be crafted with currencies which enchants another modifier to the item or rerolls it.

For every item there are a certain amount of modifiers that can apply to it and the navigational box above links to pages which shows which modifiers can be enchanted on a item. For items there are mainly two types of modifiers.

Implicit and explicit modifiers. The modifiers have a required level associated to them and will only spawn on poe buy items with an item level greater than or equal to the modifier's level. A modifier will increase the required level of an item to 80% of the modifier's level if that value is greater than the level requirement for the base item.

1. Implicit modifiers

Implicit modifiers can be changed with currencies such as Blessed Orb and Vaal Orb.

2. Explicit modifiers

Explicit modifiers can be enchanted and rerolled with currencies such as Orb of Transmutation, Divine Orb and Regal Orb. These can be further categorized into prefixes and suffixes. For example, a Long Bow with the Frosted, prefix and the of Impact, suffix would be named Frosted Long Bow of Impact. Rare items have their names randomly generated from a list of rare names and do not follow this system.

A magic item may have up to one prefix and one suffix. A rare may have up to three of each. A unique items have custom and fixed amount of modifiers.

3. Hybrid modifiers

Some modifiers can have multiple stats, for example Dictator's. These stats are summed together with other identical stats such as Tyrannical, giving the max value of 248% increased Physical Damage.

Since the mods are summed together it makes it difficult to tell with certainty if a modifier line is a pure, hybrid or a sum of both. Be aware of which types of hybrid modifiers exists and have that in mind when determining how many prefixes and suffixes an item has.

4. Local and global modifiers

Local modifiers can only spawn on items that have the stat by default. For example, the mod Vicious can spawn on swords because it is a weapon with base physical damage. The mod won't affect the damage on an off-hand weapon when dual-wielding and won't increase physical damage added from other items like rings.

Global appears on all items, but will affect the character instead. All modifiers with a condition are global, Scaeva for example has a local and global critical strike chance because one modifier is conditional. Visit https://www.u4gm.com/path-of-exile if you lack of currency in game.